Refinity Treatment

With growing age, the skin looses moisturizer for the reason that sebaceous gland produces less oil. Skin problem makes a person feel terrible and results in irritation and frustration in an individual’s behavior. Aligned with inheritance, poor skin care, nutrition, sun exposure and so forth, it is no conjecture that majority of us are somehow prone to untimely skin aging.

Refinity helps in reducing the cryptogram of the skin. The refinity solution consists of the gylcolic acids that penetrate deeper at the cellular level to rouse for maximum results.  There are several skin care products that are manufactured but unfortunately, does not suits to the skin tone of a person thus, keeping in mind the several complexities that can perhaps disturb a person, refinity is manufactured under strict supervision of the experts and is medically approved.

There are no side effects of refinity skin solution products and is recommended by a renowned plastic surgeon of San Francisco, Dr. Usha Rajagopal.  You will observe the difference in the skin tone within the first week of usage. It elevates the production of collagen and stretchy fibers and lets the patient with a glowing skin. You are all free to carry on with your daily lives in a flexible manner even immediately after the application of refinity.

Three Refinity solutions are as follows:

Rejuvenating lotion: especially for those who have normal skin

Rejuvenating hydrogel: for those who have oily skin

Rejuvenating cream: for those who have dry skin

If you are taking any of the medical prescription for you skin earlier then, you need not to worry much because prior commencing with skin care treatment, Dr. Usha Rajagopal will thoroughly go through your medical history and check out if there are any allergic issues. So, get flawless skin and live your life in accordance of your own conditions!


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