Plastic Surgery

Rejuvenating the body with variety of cosmetic surgery procedure has witnessed a tremendous escalation within recent years. The availability of cosmetic products and surgeries has boosted the trend and plastic surgery has emerged out as a successful treatment. Earlier it was considered as a taboo and people have a sense of fear that they will get their skin burn or will have post effects. But contemporarily, there are so many crazy people that the moment they see mirror and observe even a slight fault, getting it corrected by plastic surgery is the foremost option that strikes the mind.

Plastic surgery is done to mend the physical defect and bring back the defected body parts to normal position with charismatic appeal to the overall personality.

Procedures of plastic surgery vary and are customized according to the requirements of every patient. Some of the patients that visit to Dr. Usha Rajagopal’s clinic want to get their twisted nose at its perfect place. Some of them require facial surgery in which the dark patches of eyes or skin are cleared. Several patients are given the surgical treatment to get away with obesity.

Mentioned below are some of the major plastic surgery treatments:

Breast augmentation:  to enhance the sexual appeal of a woman.

Thigh lift:  to reshape and remove the extra accumulated fat from the thighs and bring it     to optimum condition.

Facelift recovery:  to remove the unwanted lines and dark patches from the face.

Rhinoplasty: to bring the twisted or beaked nose at its perfect shape.

To find out which surgical treatment would be best for you, take out some time and consult Dr. Usha Rajagopal for the same and she will further assist by clarifying all your doubts.


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